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Marabai Rose

Marabai Rose is a licensed clinical social worker, an author, and host of the podcast Badass: Tales of Resilience. Marabai hails from Bloomington, IN, where she still lives with her family.

Marabai Rose 2023
Holding Hope
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Holding Hope: One Family’s Odyssey through Lyme Disease and Psychosis

This memoir is a story about the impact physical and mental illness had on my family. From the opening scene the reader is beckoned to ride alongside me as I live through a sudden descent into Lyme Disease, the loss of my husband to his mental illness, and my tenacious climb back to health and happiness.

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Podcast Series

Badass – Tales of Resilience

New podcast that showcases authentic conversations about our most difficult life experiences. We explore not only the hurt these experiences cause, but also how we are transformed by them.

“If I can use my experience to help others better understand Lyme Disease, the experience of domestic violence, mental illness and how varied and complex it is, I would like to do so.”

Marabai Rose


I take a compassionate approach to therapy, offering a safe and warm space to explore trauma, loss, and the human experience.

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