Marabai Rose

I was born into a tribe of hippies in 1976, growing up amongst the rolling hills of Southern Indiana. I had the good fortune to be raised in community, with the love and support of many creative souls.

Marabai Back Cover

I have carried the values of my childhood: compassion, open-mindedness, and open heartedness, into my adult life, and into my work as a therapist.

I became a therapist in 2016, after exploring a few fascinating facets of masters level social work. This chapter of my career included disaster recovery work, home health social work, and hospice social work. In 2016 I began my private practice, where I settled in and found my life’s work. I love being a therapist. I especially love helping clients heal from trauma.

My practice was born just as I was emerging from a difficult two year battle with Lyme disease, and one year before my ex-husband’s bipolar disorder caused him to become psychotic. I am doubly proud of the fact that it is thriving today, despite what was on my plate as I grew it.

Now I live in my hometown, Bloomington, IN, with my two creative and quirky teens, and my partner Alex. In the fall of 2022 I will publish a memoir about a four year period of illness and mayhem my family experienced, titled, Holding Hope: One family’s odyssey through Lyme disease and psychosis. I am also the host of a podcast, Badass: Tales of Resilience, where guests courageously share their stories of trauma and loss, and we discuss how they survived, and what they learned along the way. I hope you will listen.