Badass Season One Preview

Season 1

In season one we explore stories of loss, such as the story of a man who lost his first two children to a rare genetic disorder, and other stories of survival. Marabai also interviews a mom whose 5 year old was diagnosed with cancer, and while he survived, their family is forever changed. What is fascinating about these stories are the many creative and wise ways that our guests coped, and also what they learned by facing such hardship.


Badass would not be possible without the support of several people who have donated their skills to the show.

First of all, Kevin Evans, who has worked tirelessly recording and editing the show. Thank you Kevin!
Another big thanks to Austin Lucas, and his record label Last Chance Records for allowing us the use of his original music.

In addition we would like to thank Kate Long, and her band Rodeola, for the use of their original music, as well as Alex Mann who composed original music for the show.

Finally, a big thanks to the Badass team’s life partners, Alex and Amy, who have made due without us on weekends and evenings as we have been holed up working on the show.

Marabai Rose recording
Marabai Rose recording