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Meet Our Therapists

Marabai Rose

My therapy practice, Marabai Rose Counseling, was created in 2016. Since then I have been engaged in healing work with survivors of trauma, people who have lost loved ones, those feeling lost and looking for direction, and people living with chronic illness. I am a licensed clinical social worker, and the social work value of treating each person with dignity and respect is the guiding principle of my practice. I try to honor each client’s expertise on themselves, and their intuitive wisdom about what might be right for them.

I am trained in EMDR, and utilize it often in my practice. I have learned about many other modalities through trainings and workshops, such as Internal Family Systems, somatic practices, DBT,  and Polyvagal Theory. I blend these modalities with EMDR to help clients fully explore and process the beliefs that are standing between themselves, and their peace.

I have both a batchelor’s and master’s degree in social work from Indiana University. 

I am currently not accepting new clients.

Mobie Jean Glaser

Hi! I’m Mobie Jean. I integrate cognitive (talk therapy) and somatic (body-based) modalities into my trauma-responsive, holistic, mind-body therapeutic approach to supporting folks in healing and transformation. We are not broken and we do not need fixing, but rather, many of us have experienced environments, events, and relationships that have deeply hurt us and impacted our well-being and sense of wholeness. Because of these experiences, we often move into dysregulation and create (unconsciously) strategies of survival and often develop mental, emotional, and physical symptoms that take away from our sense of aliveness and joy, even our ability to function well or get through the day.

Perhaps you are struggling to feel connected to others or to yourself or to cope with life transitions, loss, or stressors. Maybe you are suffering with physical pain (back pain, migraines), a previously diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health disorder (anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, etc.), chronic health issues (fibromyalgia, mold toxicity, Lyme, Disease etc), or autoimmune issues. Some of us did not get the care we all need as children. Some of us are struggling with unmet attachment needs. You might want to examine your relationship to work, productivity, and achievement. Perhaps you’re struggling in your role as caretaker or parent. Maybe you are professional who supports others and you are experiencing burnout or you are a first responder/nurse/doctor who supports others in crisis, etc. Others have witnessed or directly experienced trauma (this could be a car accident, an assault, experiences in pregnancy, birth, postpartum, etc.). You, your partner, and/or baby might be struggling with breast or chest feeding, sleeping well, and bonding related to birth, labor, and postpartum experiences. You might be someone who has created an addictive coping strategy with food or substances. Perhaps naming or feeling emotions is difficult for you. Whatever it is you have survived/are surviving or working through, I’m so glad you made it here. Through my own healing, education, and experiences being with others in their healing, I  believe we do not have to stay stuck in the dysregulation and pain and I am committed to supporting you on your journey. My skillset, education, and resource-gathering allows me to support a variety of folks and experiences. Let’s see if working together makes sense. Consider reading further to learn how I approach my work with clients. 

I strive to offer an attuned and empathetic presence that provides an experience of safety necessary for stabilization, recovery, exploration, and growth; here, the therapeutic relationship serves as a catalyst for healing transformation. My foundation is informed by polyvagal theory and an understanding of how the nervous system is at the root of our thinking, connection, behavior, symptoms, illnesses, pain, etc; this is why my approach centers on and includes the body alongside cognitive experiences. I am extensively trained in Somatic Experiencing, an embodied approach to healing trauma and building capacity for life by moving the body out of survival physiology (stuck fight, flight, feign, freeze threat responses – what we commonly refer to as trauma) and into more robust and flexible regulation; it centers resourcing folks to be at home in their bodies. I also include parts work (inner child, Internal Family Systems), attachment theory, trauma-informed mindfulness, Stephen Terrell’s Transforming the Experience Based Brain modality, and DBT into my therapeutic approach. I have also participated in specialized training to support parents and babies who have experienced perinatal trauma. I will finish training in EMDR summer 2023. 

When a client lands with me, I orient to them as full, complex human. I get to know them and the environment and systems they are a part of.  I do my best to understand how systems of oppression and culture influence and impact a person’s life. I offer care that is affirming to a variety of life experiences and seek proactive education to support my knowing and understanding when working with someone who identifies differently than me.

Our work grows out of meeting your particular needs and might include elements of the following: understanding what your particular strengths and resources are and how to support your ability to utilize these more frequently; understanding your capacity for relationship and skilling-up so that you experience more meaningful and abundant connections; processing traumatic events; learning somatic practices and distress tolerance skills that allow you to move through stress in a more resourced fashion; building up your felt sense awareness so you can feel more safe in your body and the world; creating a capacity to feel emotions so they do not stay stuck in your system and create symptoms; exploring your history to better understand and resource the parts of you who had traumatic experiences and/or difficult childhoods; understanding the origins of coping strategies that are not working for you currently so we can move out of them; developing your understanding of parts and parts work so that your parts are heard, understood, and more integrated into your daily experience; education on the nervous system and what neuroscience has provided us in terms of healing; and more. 

Thanks so much for reading. If this resonates with you and you’re interested in working together, please contact me at 

I am currently not accepting new clients.