Episode 2: From the Fire- The Ascent of Jess Troxel

On this episode of Badass, Jess Troxel shares her story of losing both her home to a flood, and her arm in a car accident within four months of each other. We explore the devastation of these losses, but also their transformative power, as Jess harnessed the deep strength recovery required, and then continued to use that strength to change her life.

Our Guest

Today on Badass we are speaking with Jess Troxel. Jess is a licensed clinical social worker with a Masters degree in Social Work from Indiana University. She works as a therapist specializing in trauma, and she is currently developing an EMDR protocol for complex trauma. For those unfamiliar with EMDR, it is an innovative, and effective, trauma treatment that involves using bi-lateral stimulation to allow an individual to access parts of the brain that are often difficult to activate with traditional talk therapy. In addition to being a clinician, she is an adjunct professor in the School of Social Work, at Indiana University, teaching in their Masters program.

Jess has two sons, Zach who is 22 and Taylor who is 20; and she currently cares for her 14 year old nephew Daylen. She shares her life with her partner, Scott, and their two cats Dusty and Hazel.