Episode 3: A Guided Tour of the Lymelands with Laura Gordon

On this episode of Badass, Laura Gordon shares with us the story of being ushered into the wilderness by a nameless illness that took hold of her while she was pregnant with her second child. An illness that robbed her of her most basic abilities, and changed every aspect of her life. It took 5 years for Laura to get a diagnosis of Lyme disease, during which time Laura was misdiagnosed, and treated dismissively by the doctors from whom she sought help.

 Even after her Lyme diagnosis, finding a Lyme literate MD, and commencing treatment, Laura languished in her illness, spending much of her life confined to her bed. Finally, in recent years, Laura has begun to find some answers and is slowly regaining her health. 

Our Guest

Our guest on this episode is Laura Gordon. Laura hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, where she still lives with her sweet, and witty, 13 year old son Isaac. Laura is a painter, whose career has evolved from decorative painting, to becoming a self-supporting painter of original works on canvas. You can see some of Laura’s paintings below, and you should definitely check out her FB page, https://www.facebook.com/LauraGordonArt.

Laura has also raised an incredible young woman, Cora, who is now 21,  and attending college at Indiana University. Laura has done all of this while grappling with a debilitating chronic illness that began as Lyme disease, and has now morphed into an autoimmune disease. Laura Gordon is one of the strongest women that I have had the pleasure of knowing, and she is truly a Badass.