Episode 4: I’m Not a Victim, I’m a Victor with Emily Reynolds

On this episode of Badass, Emily Reynolds shares with us her experience of being a survivor of domestic violence, or as she likes to call it, a victor. In March of this year Emily’s abuser was convicted of Felony Domestic Battery. It is rare for a survivor of domestic violence to see this kind of justice. Emily shows us the tenacity required on the part of the survivor to see a domestic violence case all the way through. She also illuminates the ways in which domestic violence can look very different from the Lifetime movies we grew up with, just how easy it is for a woman to find herself in a violent relationship, and how hard it can be to get out.

Our Guest

Emily Reynolds is a woman with a rich life history, having begun her career working for multiple not-for profit agencies, and even running her own mortgage business for a few years. Emily is a Bloomington, IN local, who currently runs The Anchored Homestead, selling fresh produce and offering educational opportunities on sustainable agriculture. Emily also juggles several part time jobs as a preschool teacher, landscaper, and waitress to make ends meet. Just that qualifies her as a Badass! However Emily is also a single mom, to four kids, ranging in age from 4 to 15 years old. Emily gained legal guardianship over her eldest after leaving an abusive marriage to her 15 year old’s father.