Episode 5: Extra or Extraordinary? A Mom Navigates Childhood Cancer with Dana Malan

On this episode of Badass Dana Malan shares the story of her son Victor’s Leukemia diagnosis at age 5. We explore her family’s sudden entrance into the world of childhood cancer, which involved painful, and sometimes traumatic treatments for Victor. Dana was called on to be an advocate for her son, a task that is not easy in a world that often labels women who speak up as “extra”. Dana found herself navigating this while working full time, and with another child who was just a year old when Victor was diagnosed. Thankfully, Victor survived childhood Leukemia and is doing well today.

Our Guest

Dana Malan is the director of engagement for the Minnesota chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Prior to that Dana worked for the American Cancer Society in Austin, Texas. Dana is happily married to her husband Christian, and they have two children together, Frankie who is 7, and Victor who is 10.