Episode 6: In an Instant with Cathleen Weber

 In 2019 Cathleen Weber’s whole life changed in an instant, when she sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. Today Cathleen shares with us the experience of suddenly losing so many of her abilities, and her tenacious walk towards wellness. The episode also includes a conversation with TBI expert Jean Capler. 

Our Guest

Cathleen Weber is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, whose career has focused on providing care for those who are aging, and struggling with dementia. Cathleen has also provided end of life care as a hospice social worker. In response to a need she witnessed again and again, for families to have respite care for their loved ones with dementia, she designed and launched the first free-standing adult day program for people with dementia, The Better Day Club, in Bloomington, IN. Cathleen lives with her wonderful husband John, and their two cats, Willow, and Harry.