Episode 1: Surviving the Unthinkable- a Tale of Loss with Jeremy Goodrich

On this episode of Badass, Jeremy Goodrich shares with us a story of surviving the unthinkable. Over a six year period of time Jeremy lost both  his son Noah, and his daughter Stella to a rare genetic condition. We will explore the experience of profound loss, and the ways in which we harness our intuitive wisdom to survive such a loss.

Our Guest

Today on Badass we are speaking with Jeremy Goodrich. Jeremy first came to Bloomington, IN, where he now lives, for college, attending Indiana University. After spending a few years in Vermont, Jeremy moved back to Bloomington and began a career as a teacher. Jeremy taught elementary school students at Harmony School for 13 years. In the midst of his tenure as a school teacher he met and fell in love with his current wife, McKenzie May. McKenzie started her own independent insurance business, Shine Insurance in 2013. Jeremy eventually joined McKenzie at Shine, where he now specializes in teaching real estate investors how to protect themselves. He has a podcast called, Managing Commercial Real Estate Risk.