On this episode of Badass we are talking with Lindsay Bradley, a nurse practitioner who worked on an ICU unit in Bloomington, Indiana when Covid-19 hit, and throughout the rest of the pandemic. Lindsay allows us to take an intimate look at what it was like to provide care to the sickest of the sick during the first two and a half years of the pandemic. To live in the trenches during the worst moments. To witness death over and over again, helpless to halt it.  The waves kept coming, and Lindsay and her colleagues kept showing up, despite their exhaustion, to save as many lives as they could.

We need to remember that there are so many healthcare workers out there who are carrying this trauma. I know many of us are wanting to move on from the pandemic, it has been awful, I get it. Yet, we can’t turn away from these healthcare workers now, who didn’t turn away from us then.

About our Guest

Lindsay is a wife, and mother to a beautiful toddler, as well as a daughter, a sister, and a nurse practitioner.  She worked at the same hospital for 19 years, most of that time working on the intensive care unit. She has worked at all levels of nursing, and has seen it all. Now Lindsay is supporting patients through the dying process for a home based hospice program. Lindsay is most certainly a badass.