Season 2 Episode 10: The Past is Closer Than You Think- A chat with Amrita Chakrabarti Myers

On this episode of Badass Dr. Myers speaks with Marabai about her new book, The Vice President’s Black Wife: The Untold Life of Julia Chinn. We also dive into why the historical context is SO IMPORTANT when we are talking about racism, making policies, and trying to be decent humans. It was an honor to talk with Dr. Myers. 

Info and links for The Vice President’s Black Wife below:

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About our Guest

Dr. Amrita Chakrabarti Myers. Dr. Myers is the Ruth N. Halls Associate Professor of History and Gender Studies at Indiana University-Bloomington. She earned her doctorate in U.S. History from Rutgers University and specializes in Black Women’s History in the Slave South. A Consulting Editor with the Journal of American History, Myers is also a committed activist, both on and off campus. 

She is regularly interviewed by media outlets ranging from PBS to NPR to Fox News on issues of race and gender justice and has published editorials and articles on policing, anti-Blackness, and racism writ large in the Washington Post and the Louisville Courier-Journal. 

Her first book, Forging Freedom: Black Women and the Pursuit of Liberty in Antebellum Charleston, was published by The University of North Carolina Press in 2011 and received several book awards including the 2012 Julia Cherry Spruill Book Prize from the Southern Association of Women Historians and the 2011 Anna Julia Cooper-C.L.R. James Book Prize from the National Council for Black Studies. Her second book, The Vice President’s Black Wife: The Untold Life of Julia Chinn, will be published by Ferris and Ferris Books, and is out now.

Photo Credit goes to Mike Mullan

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