Season 2 Episode 8: A Lively Chat About Death with Kel McBride

On this episode of Badass we are talking with Kel McBride about her book, The Death Changing Experience: An Oddballs Guide to Creating a Life and Death Plan, and how her own brush with death set her on her path. For Kel, resilience came in the form of taking what she had learned from a difficult experience, and sharing it with others. We will be talking about death. Fun topic, right? Well, you might be surprised, Kel is known as the Lively Death Lady.

You can purchase Kel’s book here: The Death Changing Experience

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About our Guest

Kel grew up in Muncie, Indiana, but since 1988 has spent much of her life in Bloomington, Indiana, where she attended college. She met her husband when she was in her forties, and lived with him in Louisville, KY for a few years, before coming back to Bloomington to settle in together. They now live outside of the city, right off of a Lake, in their “we aren’t moving anymore” home with a goofy Great Dane.

Kel has a long history of organizational development and event planning in Bloomington. Organizing beloved events such as Krampus Night, Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby, EROTICON, and X-HUNT. More recently she, and others, have taken part in organizing the Before I Die Festival, both in Bloomington, and in Louisville.  

Kel’s career has focused on the trinity of life: birth, sexuality, and death. For 20 years, she educated her community and the world about birth and sexuality with positions at the Kinsey Institute, Planned Parenthood, and Cook Medical.

 Recently she started her new path, providing Death and Dying Education. Kel offers workshops and personal consultation to help people consider their death care options. Kel knows death comes for us all. Noting that one in four of us will die before we even reach 65.  So death isn’t something we can “wait till later” to plan for. As a sexuality educator, she encouraged people to plan for sex – to better their experiences and reduce the risk of unwanted outcomes. This is oddly similar to death education.  

Her recently released book, “The Death Changing Experience” gives readers all the information they need to make ethical health care decisions, have a unique memorial, security for their family & a values-based legacy. 

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