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Episode 10: Stranger Than Fiction- Part 2

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In this episode of Badass we return to April Hennessy's story of surviving her time at a Christian "reform" program, and her challenging childhood. April tells us about the vulnerable and liberating period of her life when she walked away from a culture that had been so harmful to her, yet had to brave being totally alone in the world to do so. We explore the idea of found family, and the beautiful relationship between two young women that put April on her path toward healing. We also explore the tendrils of shame that reach deep within us, and touch so many of our experiences when we have endured trauma. April's honest discussion of the reverberations of trauma is deeply moving. If you listen to this and would like to start or join a conversation, check out our FB page @badassbloomington. I would love to start building community around these stories.

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Episode 9: Stranger Than Fiction- Part 1

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On this episode of Badass, April Hennessy shares her experience of being sent to Camp Tracey, in Jacksonville, Florida, at age 15. After April began running away from home to escape abuse, she was labeled a “troubled teen”, and ultimately forced to go to a Christian based residential program to “reform” her. The program was actually a forced labor camp, where teens worked 12 hour days doing grueling agricultural labor, and violent corporal punishment was levied for the smallest of infractions. April spent 16 months there, until she was finally released.

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