Episode 11: Holding Hope

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In this episode we turn the tables on Marabai. Laura Gordon interviews her about her new book, Holding Hope: One Family’s Odyssey through Lyme Disease and Psychosis. Marabai shares excerpts from the book, and shares with Laura what living through a life changing illness, and her husband’s psychosis was like.

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Episode 3: A Guided Tour of the Lymelands with Laura Gordon

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Today on Badass, Laura shares with us the story of being ushered into the wilderness by a nameless illness that took hold of her while she was pregnant with her second child. An illness that robbed her of her most basic abilities, and changed every aspect of her life. It took 5 years for Laura to get a diagnosis of Lyme disease, during which time Laura was misdiagnosed, and treated dismissively by the doctors from whom she sought help.

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